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Cookies Policy

What are cookies?
Cookies are information files stored on your computer, tablet or Smartphone that help websites remember who you are and information about your visit. Cookies can help ensure the information on a website is displayed in a way that corresponds to your interests. The majority of leading websites use cookies.
Which cookies are used on this website?
The cookies we use on this website can be broadly grouped into the following categories:
Essential - Some of the cookies on our website are essential for us to be able to provide you with the service you have requested. For example, cookies that allow you to connect to your account on the website, save products in your shopping basket or those that enable your browser and our site to communicate.
Analytics - We use analytics cookies to help us understand how our website is used. For example, they help us count the number of different people visiting our website or using a particular feature, rather than the total number of times the site or feature is used. Without these cookies, if you visit the site once a week for three weeks this would be recorded as three different users and it would be very difficult for us to analyse the performance of our website and to improve it.
User cookies - We use cookies to improve your experience by remembering your preferences. This way, we get to know how you like to use our site. One example of this would be remembering who you are so we can offer you the same content next time you visit our site.
Social media interaction - We use cookies to allow you to directly share content on social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter or Google+. An example would be when you click "like" or "tweet" about a business or product advertised on our site.
Can I reject or opt out of receiving cookies?
You can reject or opt out of receiving cookies by doing the following:
  • Delete your browser's cookies. The majority of browsers allow you to prevent all or some cookies from being stored on your computer in the future. For more information on how to delete or deactivate cookies from your browser, please see the browser's "help" menu.
  • If you only want to opt out of all or some third-party cookies, go directly to the third party's website to manage the cookies stored by this party on your computer. Please see our "Third-party cookies" section.
  • Remember that disabling the cookies could affect the services offered on this website.

Third-party cookies:

Some cookies included in the categories described above are stored by third-parties on your computer when you use our website. We have no control whatsoever over these cookies or the way in which they are used by these parties. They enable third parties to provide us with a service, for example; analysis.
For more information about these cookies and how to deactivate them, please see the individual third-party privacy policy below.
Type and purpose: Analytics
Omniture provides anonymous data about the visits made to our website and allows us to carry out tests and to evaluate the best way of presenting the site to our users.
Further information and how to disable:


Type and purpose: Social media interaction Addthis makes it possible for the website to be shared on social networks such as Google+, Facebook, etc.
Further information and how to disable:


Type and purpose: Location
Google Maps provides map services. It logs the user's location and the keywords used. It generates a unique prefix which is used for analytical purposes.
Type and purpose: Analytics
Google provides anonymous data on visits to the website.
Type and purpose: Videos
YouTube enables the upload and playback of videos. It uses cookies to measure viewing time or to log events.
Type and purpose: Social media interaction
Google allows information on the website to be shared on your social network, Google+
Further information and how to disable:


Type and purpose: Essential and user
WebsPlanet uses cookies that register the user's language preferences and maintain their session.
This website may also include other social network cookies.
We reserve the right to duly update this policy, therefore it may be worth checking it each time you visit our website. This policy was last modified on 1 January 2015.
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