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We offer legal services relating to inheritance, property, contract and business matters, as well as many others.

Our Services

At the law firm of lawyer Felicitas Rose Hofacker, we offer our clients first-rate legal services. 


Regarding inheritance matters we provide comprehensive advice for the testator and heirs, intervening in situations where there are discrepancies that either require professional mediation or the filing of inheritance legal proceedings.


We provide advice regarding the purchase/sale and development of all types of property (office blocks, industrial buildings, hotels, shopping centres, entertainment parks, rural and urban properties, among others).


We can provide declarations of new buildings/construction, draw up horizontal property regulations (for communities of owners), and negotiate, prepare and process urban planning agreements. We deal with applications for permits and process all types of administrative urban planning files, agreements on the purchase and sale of land, exchange, operation or purchase option, construction contractors and subcontractors.


We provide legal direction for claiming any compensation arising from medical malpractice and traffic or work-related accidents.


Contact us and request more information on anything relating to:


  • Inheritance.
  • Property.
  • Contracts.
  • Business.
  • And much more.


In relation to construction and horizontal property law, we work with excellent expert professionals, architects and architectural technologists, with proven experience in building pathology, in order to conduct studies and issue technical reports and damage certificates.


In the area of business, we comprehensively deal with the portfolio of outstanding payments, initiating claims where appropriate.


We request insolvency proceedings for you if necessary or intervene in those of your debtors.


We design and implement cost control and feasibility studies.


We provide advice relating to the creation of companies, tax-related matters, the challenging of corporate resolutions and wording of commercial contracts.

We provide consultancy and strategic, economic, financial and accounting analysis, advice regarding investments and Private Equity.


We carry out valuations and provide advice regarding the purchase and sale of companies. We design succession protocols in family businesses.


We facilitate adjustment to the laws on Data Protection and the Prevention of Money Laundering.


We are professionals with proven experience in inheritance, wills, purchase/sale agreements, rentals and building works, dealing with a significant number of claims settled with a confirmed success rate that is truly enviable. We also have a very positive success rate regarding incapacity/disability claims against the Social Security authorities.


Come and visit us in Arrecife! We will be delighted to help you.





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